To tell those stories that inspire and move us

Montevideo, Uruguay

Leandro Barneche
Esteban Schroeder

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About Us

La Suma is a production company with over 11 years of experience, dedicated to the production of films, animations and series that have won awards at major international festivals, including "Selkirk, el verdadero robinson crusoe", "Matar a todos", "Eurídice, allá lejos" and

"Vacío". as well as the series "Why uruguay" and "Genesis". led by Esteban Schroeder and Leandro Barneche, the proposal is consolidated around collaborators committed to a common proposal: to tell those stories that inspire and move us.

Esteban Schroeder
Director / Producer
Leandro Barneche
Director / Producer
Emilie Mahé
Production Manager
Mariale Perlini